I know, wild, right?!

Owing to some sort of major global event, I haven’t performed Fact Machine since the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019. UNTIL NOW!

I’m delighted to say that I’ll be performing it at EMF 2022. Full details are still yet to be confirmed at the time of writing, but I can say for definite that it will be at some point between the 2nd and 5th of June, in a field somewhere in Ledbury. Update: It’s been scheduled! It’s at 3:40pm on Sunday 5th June, on Stage B. More info is on the EMF website.

I’m thrilled to be doing this show again after so long away from it, and I hope that you’ll come along if you’re going to EMF this year. I will do my best to remember all the jokes. (PowerPoint is helpful for that…)

In the meantime, go and add my entry in the programme to your favourites to convince the scheduling robots to give me a good time slot (update: it no longer affects the schedule, but it reminds you when it’s on — and it gives me the warm fuzzies).

Post-EMF, I don’t currently have any more performances of Fact Machine planned, but I’m hoping to get some in the diary. (In other words, if you work for a London venue you should definitely book me. I’m extremely good value and do all my own stunts.)

Until next time,

S x

Updated on 26 May 2022 with the now-scheduled show time.